E-commerce Business

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Course Name:E-commerce Business

Topic# 1

Topic Name: What things required

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Business marketing plan
2.Two types of people
4.Business manager
5.Business plan
6.Cost of good sold
7.Statement of profit and loss
8.Business plan very important factor
Topic# 2

Topic Name: Need responsive and seo optimized site

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Chances of traffic high
2.Website must be Responsive website
3.SEO needs responsive websites
4.Content need foe seo
Topic# 3

Topic Name: Register your company & Research competitive environment

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.According to laws of E-commerce
2.In Pakistan there is no law regarding of this
3.Registered in sscp
4.Research in E-commerce
5.For example electronics
6.Product,keyword and area search
Topic# 4

Topic Name: Niche product

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Don’t sell all types of product at once
2.Search product
3.Then selling them
4.Demanded product
5.Find good niche and focus on it
6.Risk analysis
7.Take low risk product
8.Quantity high rate low
9.Find competitive price
Topic# 5

Topic Name: Pick your market & Analyze it

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Market according to product
2.Targeted audience
3.Analyze your audience
4.Marketing identified
5.Video marketing
6.Pre-launch scheme or offer
7.Optimize your website
8.Website security SSL
9.Learn about shipping
10.Hire SEO service provider
11.Payment method
Topic# 6

Topic Name: Kaymu report

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Active users of online shopping 18 to 34 years
2.Traffic from major cities
3.Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad/Rawalpindi
4.Most of traffic from Lahore and Karachi
5.Gender division
6.New online shopper and returning visitors
7.Mostly shopped online items
8.Clothing and electronic devices
9.Devices used for online shopping
10.Browsers used by shoppers
Topic# 7

Topic Name: Activity on OLX

Key Note Points of Trainer:
4.OLX is C2C
5.Add ad on olx of your product
6.Click on submit an ad
7.Ad title,title must be attractive
Topic# 8

Topic Name: Amdni.net

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Amdni is a e-commerce platform
2.You can make website their
3.Free domain and hosting
4.How to register
5.Click on sign up
6.Put required information
8.Dashboard panel of amdni
Topic# 8

Topic Name: Backend dashboard of Amdni.net

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Make profit option
2.About shop->About us
3.Put all information in about us
4.Home slider picture
Topic# 9

Topic Name: Facebook pixels

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Facebook ads manager
2.Business manager
4.Facebook analytics
5.Very useful to target audience
7.Pixels track all information
8.Download csv file
9.Upload this sheet in Facebook catalog
Topic# 10

Topic Name: Amdni advantages

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Share your website option
2.Provide attractive message
4.Different accounts like easypaisa etc
5.Withdraw section
6.Facebook groups
7.Automatic sharing in groups
8.Easy way to earn money
Topic# 11

Topic Name: Online forms

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Create form
3.Different templates
4.Forms are used for registers etc
5.100 forms free of cost on JotForm
6.Second one is google form
7.Forms are used for product portfolio
8.Create form for product
9.Modify form according to your need
10.Turn on email notification
Topic# 12

Topic Name: States through Online forms

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.With the help of this
2.You analyze your business
3.You can find which product is most sell
4.All information of customer
5.Click on excel sheet icon
6.It generates all data in excel file
—————–END OF COURSE—————–

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