Facebook Ads & E-COM Sales

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facebook ads

Course Name:Facebook Ads

Topic# 1

Topic Name: Digital Marketing | E-com Sales

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.How to do digital marketing of our brands
2.With the passage of time marketing technique changes
3.Where our ads displayed
4.Intro of instructor
5.What is advertisement
6.Facebook is the main medium to do marketing
7.3 corer and 50 lac Pakistani verified users of Facebook
8.Facebook Ad manager
9.Basic Facebook Ad manager overview
10.Campaigns setup
11.Google analytics
12.Business manager manages business
13.Ads manager manages ads
14.only one business account of one profile
15.In one business manager we can add multiple ads manager
Topic# 2

Topic Name: Ad manager

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Account overview
2.Shows Statics of our paid ad
3.Reporting of our ad
4.Reach,Impression,cost etc each and everything
5.Now go to campaign level
6.Which type of campaign you run are checked at this level
7.Ad-set level
8.In ads two things creative and content
9.In one campaign have different ad-set
10.In one ad-set have different sets
11.Its like a tree
Topic# 3

Topic Name: Create campaign overview

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Create campaign
2.Campaign 1st level
3.In one campaign have objective
4.Objective means why u create campaign
5.Objectives Depending on your nature of business
6.Ad-set 2nd level
7.Three main things in ad-set
10.Budget and Schedule
11.Create Audience
13.Location setting
14.Audience depends on the nature of product
15.Minimum age 18 to sale your product
16.Detailed targeting(important)
17.Facebook records our all activities
18.Our profile based on our behavior
20.Re-marketing don through pixels
21.Targeting depends on your products
24.At the end you can save audience
Topic# 4

Topic Name: Placements

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Edit placements option
3.Device Types
4.Desktop and mobile
5.Majority of Facebook users on mobile phone
7.Facebook in Feeds,Instant article,Instant article,
In-stream videos,Market place,stories
8.Instagram in feed,stories
9.Audience network
11.All Mobile devices
Topic# 5

Topic Name: Placements

Key Note Points of Trainer:

2.All Mobile devices
3.Select android to show your ad on android devices
4.If we put Mobile phone device name then ad show them
5.In this way we can any mobile devices
6.Even We can select OS versions of android
Topic# 6

Topic Name: Budget and Schedule

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Payment mechanism
2.Auction system
3.Fixed paid
4.99.9% used auction system
5.Daily budget option
6.Life time option
7.Start and End in life time budget option
8.We can Schedule our campaigns
9.Schedule option is very useful if u have many clients
10.Optimization for ad delivery
11.Post engagement
13.Daily unique reach
Topic# 7

Topic Name: Ad option overview

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.List of pages shows through identity
3.Creative is used to add button
4.Shows how ad will display
5.Don’t used page likes option
6.Always use post engagement
Topic# 8

Topic Name: WordPress

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Basic structure of WordPress
3.Woo-commerce plugin
4.Seo Plugin
5.You can also customize your dashboard
6.In we woo-commerce we have:
7.Details of all Orders
8.In process,on hold,completed,cancelled orders etc
9.Create work flow of your e-com website
10.Export orders is used to export all orders
11.Checkout process
Topic# 9

Topic Name: Google analytics

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Google analytics plugin is free
2.Sign up in google analytics
3.After sign up land into admin panel
4.There is tracking id copy it
5.Paste that tracking id in WordPress in analytics plugin
6.Analytics is important in E-commerce
7.It shows real time traffic on our website
8.Real-time have
9.Overview,Locations,Traffic sources,Content,Events and conversions
10.In conversions Check traffic from which device desktop or mobile
11.Most of traffic was from mobile phones
Topic# 10

Topic Name: Audience option

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Total audience
2.New users
4.Number of sessions per user
5.Page views
6 pages view per session
7.Bounce period means user shuts down your website at first site
8.These information can be used to improve your website
10.System->Browser->OS->Service provider
11.E-commerce conversion rate
Topic# 11

Topic Name: All traffic

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Direct traffic
2.Other traffic from like Facebook etc
3.Behaviors option
4.Unique page-views
5.Page speed option
6.Average page load
7.Page Speed tool
Topic# 12

Topic Name: Conversions

Key Note Points of Trainer:
4.Goals setup
5.Goals can track from conversions
Topic# 13

Topic Name:Review of previous lectures
Topic# 14

Topic Name: Facebook Pixels

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Facebook pixel most important part of ads
2.Each and every data of our customer
3.From where u find pixels
4.Go to ads manager->All tools->Pixels
5.Facebook pixels
6.Track website activities
7.Improve your return on advertising
8.Reach new existing customers
9.Then we create Facebook pixel
10.There is 3 methods to setup pixel
11.Use an integration manager
12.Manually install the code
13.Email instructions to a developer
14.Choose use an integration manager option
15.Then choose partner woo-commerce
16.Download plugin Facebook for woo commerce
17.Facebook guide you how to add this plugin
18.Facebook pixel helper
19.Add Facebook pixel helper extension
Topic# 15

Topic Name: Facebook shop

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Facebook shop created from pixel
2.Same pixel on website,Facebook shop and on db pixel
Topic# 16

Topic Name: Continue previous (Facebook shop)

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.You can add products
2.Shop option is shown in those pages which selects shop category
3.Recommended photo guidelines
4.Select product photos
5.Add product name
6.Add price
7.Sale price
8.Edit options
9.Size,colors,length,width etc
10.Publish product
Topic# 17

Topic Name: How to add products in Woo-commerce website

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Add new product
3.Add category
4.Add product price and image
5.Product description
Topic# 18

Topic Name: Aspects of Re-marketing

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Audience saved in re-marketing
2.We can also built audience through this
3.We can also set parameters on which ads shows them
4.Web visitor in 90 days
6.Custom audience
7.Re-marketing means related ads show again and again
Topic# 19

Topic Name: Media Plan

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.First we plan
2.What are you going to do with the help of ads
3.Facebook Media Plan
10.Ctr(click through ratio)
11.Expected orders
Topic# 20

Topic Name: Selection pf product in ad setup

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Link post
2.Carosan post
3.First product must be attractive
4.Make worksheet of your selected products with links
Topic# 21

Topic Name: Live ads and sales

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Ad level
2.Create ad
3.Paste product URL in Destination URL
4.This ad for E-com website
5.Image specification
6.Then Put product name
8.URL shortener
9.goo.gl for shorten URL
10.Shortener is used to short the link
11.One more for shorten link is bitly
Topic# 22

Topic Name: Overview of C-panel and WordPress

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Hosting provide C-panel
4.Add domain
8.Simple click on install WordPress
9.In WordPress plugin plays important part
10.Woo-commerce builtin plugin of WordPress
11.In Template-monster you will many themes
12.Download any theme from that website and upload it in WordPress
13.Install it
14.You must use paid themes
Topic# 23

Topic Name: Facebook page

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Todaydelas.pk fb page
2.Shop tool
3.Checkout website
4.Customer place order
5.Now discuss how to build Facebook shop
6.First we create brand page
7.Then go to about in which all information add
Topic# 24

Topic Name: How to build up Facebook page

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Page->Create page
2.Select business or brand
3.Select category
4.Page name
5.Then continue
6.Setup profile picture
7.Then create username
8.Once user name created it can’t be changed
9.About us
11.Select Checkout method
12.Then select currency
13.Give detail of your shop
Topic# 25

Topic Name: Add Products in shop

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Select photo or video of your product
2.Add name of your product
4.Sale price if select
6.Inventory->Edit options
7.In stock and visibility to public then save
8.Then customer came on your shop
9.Customer order you via Facebook message
Topic# 26

Topic Name: How to add multiple products

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Add collection
2.Collection name
3.In one collection you can add multiple products
5.Collection means define products category
Topic# 27

Topic Name: Marketing of product through Facebook

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Post Engagement ad
2.For Ads Business account must be available
3.Ads manager
4.Create new campaign
6.Engagement has three options
7.Post engagement,page likes and event responses
8.We select post engagement option
9.Give campaign name
10.Then we move to ad set level
11.Then select audience
12.Don’t show ad less then 18 years of age
13.You should skip language option
14.Engage shopper means auto behavior
15.Targeting different peoples through related interest
Topic# 28

Topic Name: Budget & Schedule and Ad option

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Optimization of ad delivery
3.Select post engagement
4.Biding should be auto
5.Then in ad there is two options
6.Create ad and use existing ad
7.In Create ad option you create ad
8.Upload image
9.Select button
10.Add page URL
11.Confirm then add runs within 10 to 20 minutes
12.Post went into review
13.In Placements automatic placements must be selected
14.We can also check performance of our ad
Topic# 29

Topic Name: Custom audience

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Ads manager->Assets->settings
3.Create custom audience
4.Website traffic
5.Audience set through Pixels
6.Then pixels fetches that audience
7.You can select any Audience you want
8.Pixel store maximum of 180 days
10.This option is for who have website
Topic# 30

Topic Name: Lookalike audience

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.This option is for who doesn’t have website
2.For Facebook pages
3.Lookalike means look same audience
4.In source option select your page
5.Select location
6.Audience size in %
7.Click on Create audience and audience created
8.We can also save our audience and used again and again
Topic# 31

Topic Name: Google analytic

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Google analytics have unique unique
2.Admin->Tracking info->tracking code->tracking id
3.There are 2 types of tracking
4.First layer tracking
5.Vast tracking or enhanced E-commerce
6.Discus Basic analytics
7.Overview option
8.Page views,top active pages,top location etc
10.Not track(ips not identified)
11.Traffic sources
13.Real time traffic
Topic# 32

Topic Name: Goal Setup

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Admin->Website data->Goals
2.Add new goal
3.Goal set-up
5.Goal Description
6.Goal name
7.Goal slot id
8.Select type of goal
9.Goal details
10.Save goal
11.Same procedure to create cart goal
Topic# 33

Topic Name: Audience

Key Note Points of Trainer:
3 Users
4.Page views
5.Bounce rate
9.Mobile->Mobile resolution
10.Service provider
11.Active users
12.Life time value beta version
Topic# 34

Topic Name: Acquisition

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Where come these people came from
2.Social media platforms
3.Organic search
4.Direct search
5. Referral
6.Top Chanel chart
7.All traffic
8. Chanel’s->social
9.Source and medium
10.URL has one source and one medium
11.Secondary dimension
12.If we want to customize URL we should give source and medium
13.Campaign URL Builder
14.Give Website URL
15.Campaign Source
16.Campaign medium
17.Campaign name
18.Campaign term
19.Then Campaign URL link ready
20.In URL after ? there is all parameters
21.Secondary dimensions is used to make parameters
Topic# 35

Topic Name: Ad-words,Search Console and Behaviors

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.In ad-words Campaigns,keywords etc
2.Search console
3.Landing pages
7.Behavior flow
8.All pages
12.Content Drildown option
13.Landing pages important
14.Landing page mean on which page we want to land user
15.Exit page
Topic# 36

Topic Name: Tools to check website speed

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Page-speed Insight
2.This is google’s tool
3.Put URL link of any website you want to test
4.Analyze it
5.Optimization and Page-speed on desktop
6.Optimization suggestions
7.Optimization tool
9.Upload images
10.Then this tool Optimize your image automatically
11.Serach.google.com tool is used to speed test for mobile
Topic# 37

Topic Name: Enhanced E-commerce

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Installation of enhanced e-commerce little difficult
4.Product performance
5.In product performance all information regarding about sales
Topic# 38

Topic Name: Sales Performance

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Conversions based on sale
2.Transaction id
3.Product list performance
4.Order coupon
5.Multi-Chanel funnels
6.Multi-Chanel Conversion Visualizer
Topic# 39

Topic Name: Facebook Business Account

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Ad manager
2.Ad reporting
5.Custom Conversions
8.Business Account Setting
9.U can add multiple page on one single business account
10.Up to 5 ad-words account
11.Ads manager
12.Account overview
14.Editing Campaigns
15.Campaign details
16.Two method of buying
17.Fixed cost and Auction
18.Ad set level
20.Budget and schedule
Topic# 40

Topic Name: Targeting and placements

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Detailed targeting
2.Targeting according to the interests people targeted
3.Detailed discussion about targeting
5.Device type
6.Mobile and desktop
8.Feeds,Right column,instant article etc
9.Operation systems versions
10.Included device
11.Auto replacement(recommended)
12.Bid strategy
Topic# 41

Topic Name: Reporting and ads level

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Customize columns
3.Page post
7.Ads section
8.Ad name
9.Select page
10.Then select which type of ad which you want to run
Topic# 42

Topic Name:Ad Reporting

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Measure & report
2.Ads Reporting
3.We can also download reports from our account
5.Different filters can be used
6.Then export report
7.Reporting is important for decision making
Topic# 43

Topic Name: Analytics

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Key metrics
3.Active users
5.User graph
6.Funnels option
7.You can customize this option according to need
9.And many more options
10.We can find important data
Topic# 44

Topic Name: Pixels

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Pixel is a code
2.Pixel code moves on every page through headers
3.Data source
4.Top events
5.How to find pixel is attached or not
5.Facebook pixel helper is used
6.Events manager
7.Create a custom conversion
8.Website event
10.Give name and create event
11.Pixels is also used for reporting
12.Pixel is basically used for re-marketing
13.Example of re-marketing
Topic# 45

Topic Name: Audience

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.All audience
2.Different audience
3.We create two types of audience
4.Custom audience and lookalike audience
5.We create different custom audience
QNA (1:15:49 to 1:19:33)

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