Fiverr Freelancing Training

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Fiverr _ Upwork Freelancing Training

Course Name:Fiverr Freelancing Training

Topic# 1

Topic Name: Fiverr overview

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.How to earn more
2.How to rank gig
3.Fiverr has potential to grow
4.How to create fiverr account
5.On fiver every service sell

Topic# 2

Topic Name: Account on fiverr & Dashboard

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.If u have gmail join with it
3.Categories in you earn
4.Graphic & Design
5.Digital marketing
6.Writing & Translation non technical

Topic# 3

Topic Name: Issues face in fiverr

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.IP address not issue
2.Don’t create two accounts
3.Don’t use two accounts on laptop
4.Don’t write pay in message
5.Don’t post in buyer’s section
6.In touch with gmail
7.Marketing skills
8.Don’t use others account info


Topic# 4

Topic Name: Social Media marketing gig

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Active gigs
3.Create gig
4.Gig title
5.First search your keyword on fiverr
6.Decide your sub category
7.Decide your keyword
8.Social media manager keyword decided
9.We can target 2 keywords in one gig
10.Fiverr prefer top rated sellers


Topic# 5

Topic Name: Facebook marketing

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Search Facebook on fiverr
2.Facebook ads
3.Facebook promotions
4.Take low competition keyword
5.Use your keyword in gig
6.Put your gig title
7.Don’t copy any gig title
8.Select category
9.Select sub category
10.Select service type
11.Select platforms
13.Define your packages


Topic# 6

Topic Name: How to define packages

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Packages according to expenditure
2.In Packages define your services
3.Manage your budget
4.Because you have to spend first
5.Packages define according to services
6.First analyze your competitor
7.Increase your services

Topic# 7

Topic Name: Scope and pricing

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Three types of packages
2.Basic,Standard and Premium
3.Select delivery time
4.Targeted audience
5.Select price
6.My gig extra
7.Save & Continue


Topic# 8

Topic Name: Description of gig

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Uncompleted gig save in draft
2.Edit it
3.Study related gigs description
4.You should know about SEO
5.Your keyword must be in description
6.Very careful using your keyword
7.Divide your keyword
8.Don’t copy description from others
9.Search related description on google
10.Make description in your words

Topic# 9

Topic Name: Important points of gig

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.What i assure
2.This point build up trust
3.Description completed
4.We use our keyword on every point
5.At-least 3 times used keyword
6.1200 words limit of description


Topic# 10

Topic Name: Frequently Asked Questions & Requirements

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Simply go switch to buying
2.Search Facebook marketing
3.Select top rated seller
4.Add that questions which you know
5.Before adding questions understandable
6.Save & continue
8.It means which things you need to complete project
9.Facebook page access
10.Any target Audience etc
11.Requirements important to secure order


Topic# 11

Topic Name: Gig gallery

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Most important thing of gig
2.Cover pic and title
3.From where photo find
4.Used stock photo
7.Use attractive picture
8.Picture decide on the basis of keyword
9.Picture must be defining
10.Name of picture same
12.Same as keywords i.e Facebook ads
13.Must create your portfolio
14.Publish gig


Topic# 12

Topic Name: Impressions

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Use filters
2.Preview of your gig
3.Add your country
4.Add level
5.Click on new arrival to check gig
6.On first page impression goes
7.Views on gigs
8.If buyer stays on your gig
9.Click is important
10.Cover must be attractive
11.Conversion rate
12.If don’t get order many issues


Topic# 13

Topic Name: Buyer Requests

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.More->Buyer request
2.Select a gig to offer
3.Create a custom offer
4.Daily send 10 offers
5.Study offer
6.Then choose gig
7.Write detailed description
8.Make points of your offer
9.Offer amount,delivery time etc

Topic# 13

Topic Name: Define the offer scope

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Number of pages
2.Design customization
3.Scope varies
4.Submit offer
5.10 Offers must be sent in a day


———————–END OF COURSE—————-

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