Graphic Designing

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Course Name:Graphic Designing

Topic# 1
Topic Name: Adobe illustrator overview

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Adobe illustrator
2.Web layout
3.Print layout
4.In Web layout RGB color Used
5.On left side tool Box
6.Different work-space


Topic# 2
Topic Name: Customize work-space panel

Key Note Points of Trainer
1.Most important panels
6.Image place
7.Align,Brushes,Brushes etc
8.Pen tool
9.Direct selection tool
10.Difference b/w line and handles
11.Alt key is used to control curve
12.Pen tool and shape tool


Topic# 3
Topic Name: Colors

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Fill and stroke color
2.Fill color Outlined closed area
3.Outline is stroke color
4.Color gradient
5.Windows->Select any panel to add
6.Gradient features
7.Opacity and Location
8.Selection and direct selection tool
9.Eyedropper tool
10.Shift key is used to pic color
11.Width tool
12.Copy and paste any shape


Topic# 4
Topic Name: Logo Designing

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.First draw rough sketch
2.Danger elephant
3.Get idea from google
4.Import that picture in Photoshop
5.Make rough sketch
6.Make one more layer
7.Use brush
8.Use that pic of sketch in Ai
9.Ctrl 2 is used to lock pic
10.Alt+Ctrl 2 to unlock
11.Then use pen tool
12.2d shape created


Topic# 5
Topic Name: Detailed colors of logo

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Use stroke tool
2.Use width tool
3.Shift+w keyword for width tool
4.Scissors tool
5.It is used to disconnect lines
6.Control+g to group
7.Always make one copy of your design
8.Making final touch to logo
9.Shift+o to expand


Topic Name: Product banner

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Free images on
3.Add image in Ai
4.Power clip the image
6.Give name and attractive font
7.To color font
8.Highlight it Press shift->eyedropper
9.Add button of shop
10.Add price tag of product
11.Draw outline
12.Banner ready


Topic# 7
Topic Name: Design Facebook Cover

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Standard size of cover 851 into 315
2.Use attractive image
3.Import image
4.Ctrl+shift+p key used to import
5.Main element must be placed in center
6 Embedded logo which inserted
7.Power clip image
8.Unlock image
9.Opacity and gradient practice
10.Text setting
11.In this way we create covers


Topic# 8
Topic Name: Oppo phone F9 example


Topic# 9
Topic Name: How to type Urdu

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Type on google
2.Urdu keyboard
3.Virtual keyboard
4.Type Urdu and copy paste in Ai
5.Font styles of Urdu


Topic# 10
Topic Name: Facebook paid ads design

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.800 by 800 suitable size
2.Rectangular grid tool
3.5 patches means 25
4.Lock it
5.Take F9 oppo picture from google
6.Remove background of picture
7.Set reflection of pic through gradient
8.Text must be 20%
9.Focus on key words of text


Topic# 11
Topic Name: Effects and appearance

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Fonts is important
2.We can wrap text
3.Appearance->effect->offset path
5.We can create multiple outline in apperance
6.Create stroke
7.We can also apply gradient


Topic# 12
Topic Name: How to find shape

Key Note Points of Trainer:

2.Shape builder
3.Select fill color
4.Find desired shape
5.Logo shape depends on ideas
6.Grids used to make designs
7.Circular and rectangular grids

Topic# 13
Topic Name: Use of grids

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Center point
2.Draw Circle
3.Check circle size
4.Gutter space
5.View->smart guides
6.Divide circle into equal parts
7.This type of logo is monography


Topic# 14
Topic Name: Negative space

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Utilize negative space
2.With the help of negative space
3.Create different ideas
4.Bottle design
5.Brush design
6.This is smart technique
7.Now color on it
8.Adjust your Capital letter
9.Apply stroke
10.Align text


Topic# 15
Topic Name: How to arrange text

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Letters of logo in upper case
2.Text must be align
3.Height of text must be set
4.Text not be lengthy
5.How to handle .com text
6.Three ways to handle
7.Spacing must be handled
8.Text must be balanced to logo
9.Text varies according to logo

——————END OF COURSE——————

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