Web Development & Designing

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Web Development and Designing

Course Name:Web Development

Topic# 1
Topic Name: Domain

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Presence on internet is domain
2.E.g Facebook.com
3.How to buy domain
4.Get idea from google
5.Service providers
10.Most clients for godaddy
11.Create account
12.Check your domain name avaible or not
13.Difference between .com .org .net etc
14.Top level domain is .com domain
15.Organizations used .org doamin mostly
16.SEO prefable domain
Topic# 2

Topic Name: Hosting

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Hosting is like storage
2.Online space to store data of website
3.Different packages
4.Normally used Economy
Topic# 3

Topic Name: How to buy cheap domain and hosting

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Go to godadday discount
2.you will get domain in 99Rs
3.Prefeable purchase hosting get 1 year free domain
4.Install honey extension to get discount
5.SSL certificate
6.SSL means secure site
7.Run honey extension to get discount
8.Prefeable to purchase 1 year hosting
9.Payment method
10.Used payoneer
11.Master card
12.Enable international on mode through bank
Topic# 4

Topic Name: DNS

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Domain name servers
2.Internet works on binary coding
3.DNS coverts domain name into binary code
4.How to connect domain and hosting to each other
5.There are two ways to connect
6.Preferable to buy hosting and domain from same provider
7.In Dulex package u can make unlimited domains
8.Click on connect option
9.Select desired Domain to connect
10.Then site lived
11.This method is for same service provider
12.Bluehost best
Topic# 5

Topic Name:How to connect domain and hosting from different service provider

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Most techincal point
2.You must change name servers
3.Go to manage
4.DNS management
5.Add that name servers which you want to connect
6.Select custom option
7.Bluehost is best
Topic# 6

Topic Name:How to connect domain and hosting(Godaddy)

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Name servers send on gmail
2.Select Custom
3.Put Name servers
4.Domain redirect
5.Manage->Add-on domains
Topic# 7

Topic Name:What is Cpanel

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Control panel
2.It is the control panel of hosting
4.Dummy domain/Subdomain
5.Demo.Original domain
Topic# 8
Topic Name: How to create Sub-Domain

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Click on sub domain
2.Put sub domain name->main domain->create
3.Sub domain created
4.Minimum 1 domain required
Topic# 9

Topic Name: How to transfer from one Domain to other

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Problem PHP version
2.PHP version must be same
3.Cpanel->Software-Select PHP-Version
4.Select PHP version of that domain
5.Switched to PHP version
6.File max size->select Max size
7.Post max size->select Max size
8.Memory limit->Select max size
9.Files->File manager
10.Most Important part
Topic# 10

Topic Name: Preview of previous lecture and QNA session

Topic# 11

Topic Name: WordPress Installation

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.There are two types of wordpress
3.Wordpress.com and it is self hosted
4.Wordpress.com mainly used for Bloggers
5.We used wordpress.org
6.Main thing themes and plugins
7.How to install
9.Website->Install WordPress
10.Select Domain for installation
11.Directory keeps empty
12.Admin Information
13.Admin Username and password
14.Save Installation details
Topic# 12

Topic Name: How to login

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Type your domain name in url bar
2.Admin Login
3.Put Username and password
Topic# 13

Topic Name: WordPress

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Hosting name
2.Pre launch mode
3.Launch option is used to live website
4.Jetpack is a plugin
5.Jetpack have states of traffic
Topic# 14

Topic Name: Overview of WordPress Dashboard

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Dashboard simply shows overview
2.Updates option
3.All Posts option
4.Different b/w website and blog
5.Blog is article based service
6.In blog daily posts published
7.Add new post
8.Media option,pics+audios,videos etc
Topic# 15

Topic Name: Overview of Appearance

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Themes mean layout of website
3.Customize->Colors->Header Images->
Background image->Menus->widgets etc
5.Search Different plugins
7.Assign roles to users
9.Settings->General->writing->Reading etc
Review of lecture (1:00:57 to 1:04:00)
Topic# 16

Topic Name: Posts

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.how to login
2.Write domain name/wp-admin
3.Put username and password
4.Add new post
5.Post title
6.we can add pictures,video etc in our post
7.Two option in Add library
8.Upload picture or used from media library
9.We can apply different headings in our post
10.Bounce rate must b low
12.we can also add our own category
13.Parent category
14.Sub categories
15.Featured image and post image
16…Internet problem lecture not completed
Topic# 17

Topic Name: Posts(Continue)

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Publish Option
2.Scheduling option to schedule posts
3.Post completed
5.At the end publish
6.Then at the end publish
8.We can moderate comments
9.We can delete posts
Topic# 18

Topic Name: Media

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.how to add videos
2.Upload limit size
3.Increase upload limit size
4.If limit size not increase then error occur
5.How to embed YouTube video
Topic# 19

Topic Name: Pages

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Clients demands pages
2.Web site pages
3.Add Home
4.About Us
6.Edit Home page
7.Full width
8.Branding websites totally static pages
9.Side bar Normally used in blogging
10.Not in Branding websites
Topic# 20

Topic Name: Themes/Layout

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.How to change layout
2.Through themes
3.Wordpress provides many themes
4.We can active any theme which we want
5.We can also install themes
6.Layout depends on themes
8.Only Header and footer is theme dependent
9.We can Edit theme
10.Customization depends on themes
11.Theme editing options
12.Home page display are of two type
13. 1 your latest post
14. 2 A static page
Topic# 21

Topic Name: Dashboard options

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.What is Users
2.Add New user
3.Username->Email->First name->last name->password
4.Set role of the user
5.Make editor
6.Settings option
7.Site Title
9.Save changes
10.Reading option
11.Home page means front page
12.Posts page
13.Blog pages show at most select
14.Save changes must
16.Select day and name in permalinks
Topic# 22

Topic Name: Urdu blog

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Only MH Magazine used for instant article approval
2.Select Plugins option
3.Activate Urdu keyboard plugin
4.To create blog we create categories
5.Posts->Add Categories
6. Appearance->Menus
7.Menu name
8.Select all categories and add to menu
9.Only check main navigation option
10.How to post in every category
11.Create post
12.Add picture and featured pic
13.Then choose category and publish
14.We can also add tags
Topic# 23

Topic Name:Urdu Blog only adding posts as done in previous

Topic# 24

Topic Name:How to edit side bar

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Go to widgets
2.Widgets depends on theme
3.Edit side bar
4.Delete what you want to delete
5.We can add anything in side bar
Topic# 25

Topic Name:Privacy policy and Copyright

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Themes files
2.Theme footer
3.Select what we want to write in copyright
4.Past in coding and automatically put code
5.Update file
6.Copy privacy policy and paste
7.Replace with your Domain name
9.how to add privacy policy page
11.Add text in footer
12.Copy link of that page and link it with privacy policy text
Topic# 26

Topic Name: Page Builder

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Plugins is used to increase functionality
2.How to design
3.Two types of page builder
4.Front end and Back end
5.First We activate theme
6.Install divi theme
7.Theme doesn’t effect page builder
8.First is Visual builder
9.Second one is divi builder
10.All builders are same almost
11.Only different in layout
14.these websites are used to find cracked themes
15.plugins->Add New->upload plugin->Install
Topic# 27

Topic Name: Difference b/w Front end & Back end

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Use divi builder
2.Default Editor
3.Use Visual Builder
4.Blue is section
5.Green is number of rows
6.Black color is number of columns
8.Every Visual builder provide multiple Modules
9.Front end is visual composer use it
10.Add to library is used to save section
11.Duplicate section
12.Section settings(Most important)
15.Opicidity is used to show image
16.Parallax effect is used to move picture
Topic# 28

Topic Name: Text Module

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Insert New module
2.Text Module use
3.Text setting
4.Text Heading
5.Text font
6.Text color
7.Text orientation etc
8.Content and Design
Topic# 29

Topic Name: All Modules

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Accordion setting
2.General Questions
3.Content option
4.Design option
5.Audio module
6.Blurb module
7.Button module
8.Call to action module
9.Circle counter .
10.Make practice with all module
Topic# 30

Topic Name: Code Module

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.It is used to embed YouTube video
2.Share video
3.Click on embed
4.Select code
5.Paste code in code module
6.Video embed in your site
7.Contact module
Topic# 31

Topic Name: Contact Form Module

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Automatic generate
2.Add fields according to your need
4.Success message
5.Submit button
6.Email option
7.Use %%service%% to send email
8.Drop down option
9.Generate as much fields as u can
Topic# 32

Topic Name: Review of previous lecture and QNA

Topic# 33

Topic Name: Single pager website

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Add new page
2.Use visual builder
3.Lets suppose your website has 4 sections
4.Add slider section
5.Add About Us section
6.Add Service section
7.Add Contact Us section
9.Add home page to menu
10.Row Setting->Advanced setting->Css id
11.Custom link
12.Give that css id with # in url option
13.Like Domain name/#1
14.Add all section to menu and give link to it
15.We can also use header button to move next in a single page
Topic# 34

Topic Name: Sliding feature in multi pager site

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Go into link
3.This feature is used in multi pager website
4.Through buttons
Topic# 35

Topic Name: Blogging website

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Add new page
2.Use visual composer
3.Design page
4.Use blog module
5.Blog setting
6.layout grid
7.Use blog page as home page
8.How to post blogs
9.We can create categories
10.One pager blog
Topic# 36

Topic Name: Plugins

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Smush plugin
2.Install smush then activate
3.Click on bulk smush now
4.Smush means size of image minimize
5.Smush is used to image optimization
6.Auto optimize plugins is used to speed up of site
7.Install WP-Optimize plugin
8.Install Autoptimize
9.gtmetrix.com is used to check speed of website
10.Activate wp-optimize
11.Run all selected optimization
12.Check all options HTML,JavaScript,CSS, options
13.Save changes and empty cache
14.W3 cache plugin is most powerful to speed up site
15.Install w3 plugin
16.Browse cache
17.General settings
18.Use YouTube videos to elaborate this plugin
Topic# 37

Topic Name: Plugins to add Social media icons

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Sticky side buttons
2.Install this plugin
3.Button builder
4.Button text
5.Button icon
6.Give link to that button
7.In this way we add multiple buttons
Topic# 38

Topic Name: Backup plugin

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Updraft plugin
2.Install updraft plugin
3.Wp migration plugin
4.This plugin is used to migrate from sub-domain to main domain
5.U can also take backup from this plugin
6.Activate All-in-One WP Migration
7.Export file from export option
8.Then import this file to that domain
9.PHP version must b same
10.Install Display php plugin
12.Wordpress reset plugin to reset site
Topic# 39

Topic Name: Seo Plugin

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Yoas plugin
2.Two types of seo
3.On page seo
4.Off page seo
5.Onpage seo done by yoas plugin
6.Activate Yoas plugin
7.Use keyword in title,description and tags for seo
Topic# 40

Topic Name: How to make E-Commerce website

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Develop from scratch
2.Main thing is functionality of theme
3.SSL certificate to secure website
4.Activate divi theme
5. E-commerce Functionality
6.Main Pages
7.Cart page
8.checkout page
9.My_account page
10.Order tracking page
Topic# 41

Topic Name: Woo E-commerce Plugin

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Install WooCommerce plugin
2.Activate it
3.Store setup
4.Add all desired fields
5.click on lets go
6.Payment method
7.Cash on delivery used in Pakistan market
8.Shipping method
9.Free shipping or flat rate
10.unit used for product
12.It is used to send mails
13.Jetpack is used to measure analytics
14.Continue as jetpack
Topic# 42

Topic Name: Woo E-commerce Products

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Have many products and categories
2.We can operate multiple categories
3.Add products
4.Add categories for products
5.Product data
9.Product Gallery
10.Publish product
11.Same steps above to add multiple products
Topic# 43

Topic Name: Woo Commerce options overview

Key Note Points of Trainer:
3.We can create coupons
5.We are creating customize website
7.Shipping zones
9.Email Notifications
Topic# 44

Topic Name: How to add product in categories

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Create Menu
3.check mark product category
4.Now go to pages
5.Automatically generate necessary pages
6.Then use visual editor
7.Design layout
8.Designing sense depends on you
9.Select shop option to add product wherever u want
10.We should use template based website
11.All functionality automatically added of e-commerce
12.we can edit all pages
13.Theme give us the option to customize
14.Examples of different woo commerce sites

————-End of Course————-

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