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Youtube Earning Program

Course Name: Youtube Earning

Topic# 1

Topic Name: Course outline

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.How to create Channel at YouTube
2.How to monetized YouTube Channel
3.How to get approved Hosted Adsense account
4.One Gmail account
5.Create specific gmail account
Topic# 2

Topic Name: Create YouTube Channel

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Open YouTube
2.First channel automatically created
3.Click on Channel
4.Click on YouTube setting
5.Create a new channel
6.Name of channel
Topic# 3

Topic Name: Monetization

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Open Video manager
2.Creator studio
3.Click on channel option
4.Advanced->select country
5.Enable monetization
6.Enable my account
Topic# 4

Topic Name: Adsense

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Channel-View monetization setting
2.Click on How will i be paid
3.Associate an adsense account
5.Sign in
6.Contact information
8.Verify through sms code
9.Accept terms and condition

Topic# 5

Topic Name: How to find videos

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Copy strike issue
2.Criteria to select video
3.Types of videos to focus
4.Target european countries
5.Targeted audience
6.Video length 1 to 8 minutes
7.Try to used old videos

Topic# 6

Topic Name: Facebook to get videos

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Search on Facebook
3.Pick video that fulfills our criteria
4.Search in groups and pages
5.Don’t pick personal videos
6.Don’t pick viral video


Topic # 7

Topic Name: Reddit platform to get videos

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.It is social platform
2.Search videos on it
3.Check thumbnail of videos
4.This platforms redirects on YouTube
5.Reuse old videos
6.Search related videos
7.Download videos through
9.Copy link and past on this site

Topic# 8

Topic Name: Download and upload video

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Download videos through
2.Copy link of video and paste it
3.We can also select video quality
4.To upload videos on YouTube
5.Channel must be monitized and associated
6.Select public option
7.Select file to upload
8.Back on video manager during video upload
9.Edit it and on monetization during upload
10.Monetize with ad
11.Same procedure to upload video
Topic# 9

Topic Name:Basic info of video

Key Note Points of Trainer:
3.Tags must be video related
4.Related tags
Topic# 10
Topic Name: How to use reddit

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.In right corner search bar
2.Search videos
3.Idea through thumbnail
4.Don’t use content of big channel
5.Don’t use fighting videos
6.Once find category then search related
7.In this way you will find videos

Topic# 11
Topic Name: How to get videos from

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Install Browsec proxy
2.Follow same criteria to find videos
3.Related videos
4.Check YouTube channel subscribers
Topic# 12
Topic Name: Camtasia Studio to edit video

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.How to open full version
2.Import video which you want to edit
3.How to erase logo
4.Change height width
5.Click on clouds->special->text
6.Type your channel name
7.Drag text to full video
8.Add intro of video
10.How to handle distortion
11.Enable noise removal
12.Zoom in zoom out
13.Produce video
Topic# 13
Topic Name: Reddit platform

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Reddit is a community
2.Different sub-reddits
3.Sub-reddits means categories
4.70 to 80% from USA
5.Every sub-reddits has there own rules
7.Upwards and downwards
Topic# 14
Topic Name: How to create Reddit account & verify

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Click on sign-up
2.Username three ways to write
3.First letter capital then alphabets
4.Password must be different
5.Use many reddits accounts
6.Use extension
7.Create accounts through different ip’s
8.Verify account
9.Give password and email
10.Post karma and comment karma
QNA (57:08 to 1:08:00)
Continue previous (1:08:20 to 1:13:06)
11.Turn on proxy
12.For multiple account on same email
13.Add only +1 +2 like this
Topic# 15
Topic Name: Post karma & comment karma

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.How to increase post and comment karma
2.Comment karma increased next day after account create
3.Don’t do any thing with post karma
4.Install reddit enhancement tool
5.Don’t break rules
6.Funny, pics, askreddit
Topic# 16
Topic Name: Askreddit

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.askreddit is subreddit
3.People ask different question their
4.Comments must be according to their community
5.Rising option
6.To find perfect answer copy question
7.Paste it in google
8.Boost comment karma
9.Use proxy for multiple accounts
Topic# 17
Topic Name: Funny & pics subreddit

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.First read their rules
3.Again go to rising
4.Search for popular post
6.Search popular post
7.Follow same procedure as in askreddit to post photo first
9.Then copy that link and post in reddit comment
Topic# 18
Topic Name: subreddits for post karma

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Note down subreddits
3.To find subreddit lists
4.Search images to check photo used or not
6.Put image in imgur
7.Copy direct link & paste in reddit post
8.Title and submit
9.Make upward through different account
10.Boost post karma after 1 month
Topic# 19
Topic Name:How to work at r/videos

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Need reddit account
2.20-30 days old account
3.Post 2 videos from one reddit account
4.Post link of youtube video in reddit post
QNA (13:50 to 19:00)
continue previous topic (19:35 to 28:30)
5.Boost post of reddit through different accounts
6.Upvote and downvote
7.Same procedure from others account
Topic# 20

Topic Name: Keyword Research

Key Note Points of Trainer:
2.Google keyword planner etc
4.Google keyword planner best tool
5.Take main keyword of your video title
6.That keyword paste in keyword planner
7.Get idea
8.It will tell you
9.Related keywords
10.Monthly searches
11.We can also find keywords through YouTube suggestions
12.Same from google
Topic# 21

Topic Name: Add keywords in YouTube videos

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Add main keywords in description
2.Also in title
3.Used in tags
4.Which keywords you find paste in tags
5.In this way we can ranked our video

Topic# 22
Topic Name:How to check competition

Key Note Points of Trainer:

1.Tools to check competition
3.Longtail pro
5.Competiton must be less then 30
6.Logtail pro setting
7.Add moz key
8.Find moz key through
9.Login with google in Logtrail pro
Topic# 23
Topic Name: Trick to rank video

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.When you upload video
2.Use main keyword of video name
3.Video unlisted before upload
4.Then upload
5.Then generate views through reddits
6.After 1000 views then make it public
7.You can also use to generate views

Topic# 24
Topic Name: Back linking

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.VidIQ extension
2.It tells all stats of video
4.Very useful extension

Topic# 25
Topic Name: How to target latest news

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.First site
2.Make videos on latest videos
3.Select targeted country
4.Pick recent news
5.Search related videos about news
6.Make video using images
7.Using camtasia
Topic# 26
Topic Name: Making videos using camtasia

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Take related images
2.Import in camptasia
3.Resize image
4.To add music
6.speakit extension
7.To convert text into speech
8.Then record that voice
Topic# 27
Topic Name: How to optimize videos

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Create Top heading
2.Copy same title of new and paste it
3.Then description
4.Copy and paste from other’s description
5.At the end mention source
7.Title must be attractive

Topic# 28
Topic Name: Trends

Key Note Points of Trainer:
1.Google trends
2.Stories trending now
3.Download video of trending
4.You can also make videp using images
Break (54:25 to 58:48)
continue previous topic (58:50 to 1:00:27)
5.Shoow graph
6.Trending queries
7.Interest by subregion
Azaan (1:00:28 to 1:06:10)
Continue previous topic (1:06:12 to 1:20:35)
8.First selects trends
9.Then same procedure to make and upload video
10.Use related queries in tags

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