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Youth Population & Graduates In Pakistan:

The recent National Census shows that 70% of our population is below 30 years of Age. Pakistan produce around half million University graduates per year with only 10,000 as IT graduates. 1.5 Million Students are enrolled under Pakistani Universities.

Less Jobs opportunities available for this huge chunk:

With such a huge chunk coming every year into the market and with less opportunities from government and private sector for jobs, the decrease in employment and wages rate are increasing day by day. This is one of the biggest challenge for the newly formed government as well.

CSS 2018, only 3.3% success Rate:

With only 3.3% passing out rate at CSS 2018, the hopes for youth for better carrier and jobs are shattering. Government policies over private sector and decreasing trend in foreign direct Investment in Pakistan would not allow much bright future for the graduates and unemployed youth in Pakistan.

Freelancing Industry in Pakistan:

The only possible solution right now to the government and this rising unemployment is through freelancing and IT sector boom. Pakistan rank 4th in overall market of freelancing. Around 300,000 jobs has been posted in a single freelancing website in a single quarter.

Freelancing, the Game Changer:

As per data analysis of “Freelancer Fast 50” over 482,525 jobs have been posted during third quarter of 2017. One of the freelancing website have around 25 million active freelancers from globe with over 12 million projects in 1000 diverse fields like, designing, content writing, website development, digital marketing, social media marketing etc.

Potential of Freelancing in Pakistan:

Around 1 million+ users are serving as freelancers to Pakistan has tremendous potential of such bright stars who have changed the fates in such a worse scenarios. These digital gurus have attained tremendous growth in earning and career uplift.

LWE, Biggest Freelancing Education Institute:

Learning with Earning is the only such platform right now in Pakistan which is continuously building the right bridge and link in between the deprived students and freelancer Gurus of Pakistan. With over 6000+ students have attained the education and skill sets from the institute and have started earning from their own.

Students from all across the Globe:

The institute run totally online and have students not only across whole Pakistan but also from India, Saudia, USA and UK. Most of the courses are offered almost either free of cost or with just a minimum cost under Rs 3000 per course that leads to an immediate learning by sitting at home.

Offline & Online Sessions:

With a history of over 18+ successful events in Pakistan for freelancing including in Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad, LWE is launching a “Digital Guru Gathering” in Pearl Continental Lahore on 19th August 2018.

LWE, Freelancing Seminar in Lahore:

With just Rs 2500 as a registration fees, LWE is charging almost nothing against a chance of learning from top almost 10 top field GURUS of the industry.

Following are the details of each:


Haider Ahmed Qazi is an online Guru and expert of digital marketing and Ecommerce Industry. He is M-Phill in Ecommerce and have also written thesis in Ecommerce by utilizing “AMOS” the most advance statistical tool technique. He has very profound ecommerce field experience with grips and skills learned from Alibaba & MCANN MRM group in China. He has served 8+ years in ecommerce industry. He is currently serving as Business head of TCS Sentiments digital & website business.

  • Business Head, Digital Marketing at TCS Sentiments Express
  • Former Head of Marketing, Sales & Sourcing at 24HOURS.PK
  • Former eCommerce Consultant at
  • Former Marketing & Events facilitator to UC Browser
  • Former Senior Sales Analyst at National Officers Academy
  • Former Head of Sales & Marketing at
  • Former Assistant at CDA, Islamabad.

Will Conduct: Earning through Motivation, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Workshop.


Saqib is Amazon selling Guru and will be conducting a complete session on Amazon selling. Following are his highlights:

  • CEO Enablers
  • Amazon Selling Expert
  • Facebook Ads Expert
  • Lead Generation Specialist
  • Email Marketing & Sales Funnels
  • Experience Level: 15+ Years

Will Conduct: Amazon Business Training Workshop.


Muhammad Ismail, A well-known personality in Affiliate Blogging undeniably more than what meets the eye. A dedicated and passionate man native of Swabi, KPK. He is the one to set up the base of online business for the very first time in KPK in 2012. Currently he is the founder of ‘The Mentor’s Pakistan’, Senior Trainers in “KP Youth Employment Program” sponsored by “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technology Board” & the “World Bank” and coach in different institute & universities. Up till now he has taught more than 5K students all over Pakistan who are earning their lives from internet happily.

Will be training on Earning from  Affiliate Amazon Marketing.


Akram ali is one of the most successful blogger and search engine analyst. He has served his services in Amazon and was one of the first and top Pakistani serving in Amazon for removed brands like Nike. Following are his highlights:

  • Head of Sales and Marketing at ProPakistani
  • Former Online Marketing Head at Shoeta
  • Former Head of Online Markting at Wepro Solutions Ltd
  • Former Social Media Manager at Tehzeeb
  • Former Senior SEO at Magento

Will be training on Content Marketing & Online Journalism.


Numan is a successful Social media marketing expert and entrepreneur who has is probably the one and only most successful Facebook Page earner in Pakistan. He has a marvelous experience in extracting earning from a single social media page and how to extract results from scratch. Following are his highlights:

  • CEO Next Pedia
  • CEO Jeeto Pakistan News
  • CEO The Truth
  • Social Media Marketer at Darsaal Pakistan
  • Digital Advertiser at LWE

Will Conduct: Social Media Marketing Workshop.


Omer Mubeen is one of the top Facebook marketing guru in Pakistan. Starting career from managing Javed Chaudhry, urdu point and many celebrities pages, he has attained many senior positions in multiple organizations for growth hacking and Facebook sales techniques. Following are his highlights:

  • Ecom Head at Eden Robe.
  • Digital Marketing Executive TCS Sentiments
  • Digital Advertiser and Consultant LWE
  • Former Digital Sales & Marketing Manager at 24HOURS.PK
  • Former Digital Production Manager at
  • Former Digital Marketing Manager at Kappry Brand
  • Former Social and Digital Head at Javed Chaudhary

Will Conduct: E-commerce & Facebook Marketing Workshop


Irfan Bashir is the top drop shipping guru in Pakistan. He has trained multiple students in drop shipping and these students are earning from home through his courses. Following are his highlight:

  • CEO Mavin
  • Internet Marketer
  • Shopify-Dropshipping Expert
  • Freelancer
  • SEO Consultant
  • Youtuber

Will Conduct: Shopify Drop-shipping Workshop.


Furqan is one of the top earner in freelancing industry from Graphic Designing field. Following are his highlights:

  • CEO if-Designerz
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Fiverr Expert Freelancer
  • Corporate Branding Specialist

Will Conduct: Graphic Designing Workshop.


Ali Ahmad Awan is young Social Media Influencer and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan. Ali strongly influences youngsters and urges them to excel. Ali is especially an inspiration for youngsters. Many Youngsters idealize him. Ali got “BEST YOUNG SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVIST AWARD”& “Outstanding Achievement Award”. Ali is being invited as a Motivational Speaker in leading institutions of Pakistan. Ali was invited as a Guest Speaker in the Top Universities including FAST,UMT,UET, Comsats and many other. After being through his motivational words, one feels raised on the standards of personality development.

Will Conduct: Workshop on getting Motivation to Work by throwing all odds.


Imran Sheikh is the key person who has revolutionized the lives of over 10,000 students across the world through freelancing. He is the one who has bring all the Gurus from different field at one page and letting knowledge get transfer to students in almost free courses. Through his philanthropic approach in freelancing world, he has been interviewed and covered by almost all top news channels. He has the utmost level of respect in today freelancing industry.

He is not only running a platform but a hope for the deprived and unemployed people. Nomatter from which age or geography you belong. If you are deprived and want to earn anything through learning, Imran’s Institute is always open for you. He is the only one and only personality in Pakistan who guarantees earning after learning at his platform.

If you are from Lahore and wish to earn now through freelancing, then this is the best and one and only chance to gather all at one place and get the most advanced knowledge of multiple industries. Get yourself registered by clicking here.

  • Limited Seats Available. Book yours Now! Register yourself.
  • Event is on 19th August, 2018.
  • Venue is Emerald Hall, PC Lahore.
  • Timing 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

About Learning with Earning:

Learning with Earning (PVT.LTD) is Pakistan’s 1st Online Freelancers Training Organization which provides the services of Digital Skills Learning and creates the opportunity of online earning from home by empowering youth.

  • Learning with Earning (PVT.LTD) was founded in December 2015 by Muhammad Imran Sheikh.
  • The Institute is also registered through SECP.
  • This organization became operational from January 2016.
  • Pakistan’s most renowned Trainers are working with us virtually and physically which are providing the students with their precious and fruitful knowledge.
  • The biggest advantage is that trainers and students can join this from their homes with comfortably.


LWE Education Stats:

  • More than 10,000+ Students Coached.
  • 70% Students Turnover on Freelancing Skills
  • More than 1000+ Online Live Sessions Done
  • Conducted and Organized 18+ Physical Seminars
  • 50+ Online & Freelancing courses offered.

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