Choose a Learning Plan that Works for You

LWE Exclusively Launch the Student Learner Card for Students Ease for their best learning affordability.

Silver Learner Card

Any 1 Course (2 months)

1 Course Regular Fee Rs.3,500

Save Rs. 1,500

Card Discounted Price Rs. 2,000 

Pay in 2 Installments

Bronze Learner Card

Any 3 Courses (2 months)

3 Courses Regular Fee Rs.10,500

Save Rs. 4,500

Card Discounted Price Rs. 6,000

Pay in 2 Installments

Gold Learner Card

Any 5 Course (2 months)

5 Courses Regular Fee Rs.17,500

Save Rs. 7,500

Card Discounted Price Rs. 10,000

Pay in 2 Installments